Turkish taxis follow Hungarian example and start accepting bitcoin payments

Apr 02, 2016 | by VienS
Turkish taxis follow Hungarian example and start accepting bitcoin payments
Currency exchange is a constant source of headache for a tourist or a traveler. Whether you use cash or card, there's no escaping the matter of exchange commission rate when you need to pay while travelling abroad. Actually, now there is, for travelers who use bitcoin, an internationally recognized cryptocurrency that allows for commission-free transactions.

Companies involved in tourism market are increasingly turning their attention to bitcoin. One such company is Emniyet Taksi, a taxi company operating in a Turkish seaside resort town of Marmaris. Such modern attitude toward payment options, the company representatives believe, might not only dramatically widen the clientele of the service but also help popularize bitcoin payment option in other countries beside Turkey, due to the popularity of Marmaris as a holiday destination among travelers worldwide. Besides, bitcoin operations benefit the establishment as well as the user, for they make payment transactions significantly faster and nullify possibilities of returns.

The idea to employ such novel approach belongs to Turkish entrepreneur Kürşat Öncül, who plans to widen the range of bitcoin-accepting tourist businesses. Restaurants, hotels, touring agencies and other companies of Marmaris are considering working with bitcoin following Emniyet Taksi example.

The Turkish company was not the first taxi company to make such decision, though; Hungarian-based service Budapest Taxi made the jump back in February, following 200 000 Euro investment by an interested local businessman. London cab driver Neal Belcher also made the news in January with his decision to accept bitcoin payments.