EDRC – What Do We Know About It?

Apr 30, 2016 | by VienS
EDRC – What Do We Know About It?

Asian markets have already got access to a new cryptocurrency - EDRC, and its creators anticipate quick growth of their product. Thanks to EDRC simplified mining process, its rate related to US dollar and its positive eco-message it immediately attracted interest of many businessmen in cryptocurrency all over the world. According to EDRC creators they plan to re-distribute the part of their income into recovery of forests and development of solar energy plants of new generation.

EDRC developers thoroughly learnt lessons of their predecessors. The new cryptocurrency is free of many flaws of its rivals. If you comply all confidentiality conditions, your EDRcoins are safely protected against hacker attacks, hacking or theft. It is known that EDRC developers limited the number of coins. They expect EDRC mining to be stopped by the end of 2017.

EDRC Creators and Basic Concepts

Businessman and philanthropist Charles Cheng and high tech entrepreneur Marco Fernandez are standing behind the new coin. Originally, the idea of eco-friendly cryptocurrency came to Cheng and he asked a Bolivian programmer to help him with its technical implementation.

As stated by EDRC founders: "Other cryptocurrencies are seriously influencing the eco-system of our Earth through mining operations. But EDRC supports the idea of natural resources preservation. Our unique technology allows to use only alternative sources of energy such as solar panels, so they don't leave any carbon footprint in our atmosphere ".

Cryptocurrency mining is made in collaboration with independent private farms located in different parts of the world. EDRC creators are planning to use 7% of the income to help to restore evergreen forests of Asia and develop solar energy industry. The forest resources of Central and Western Asia are quite limited and make a bit more than one per cent of all forests of the planet. However, mangrove forests in this region perform critically important protective and productive functions. But population growth and production expansion are threatening to destroy mangroves in Asia.

An interesting feature of EDRC is its relation to US dollar rate. EDRcoin is equal to 1 US dollar. This decision was made in order to facilitate the use of the cryptocurrency. Stable exchange rate and simplicity of calculations make the EDRcoins extremely popular among miners all over the globe.

EDRCoins mining is available even today. Download a special wallet, exchange other cryprocurrencies or money into EDRCoins, transfer your EDRCoins to your wallet and get a permanent income through eco friendly transactions with your cryptocurrency. Currently 15 cryptocurrency exchanges are dealing with EDRC.

EDRC system provides unique opportunities to gain income. You can gain over 20% monthly by marketing.

Participants of EDRC system have a chance to increase their capital by processing transactions in blockchain. One transaction per day will bring you 0,35% increase of the total amount in your wallet. Users have a right to create unlimited number of wallets for EDRC mining. The cryptocurrency is totally de-centralized. Governments or state authorities do not have any right to interfere with EDRC mining transactions and do not have any means to influence EDRC currency rate.

EDRC does not have any physical form. This currency is just a digital code. Its functioning is ensured by the use of POS system and generating Scrypt function as a way of hashing.

Advantages of New Eco Friendly Cryptocurrency

Apart from the noble idea underlying the project EDRC has other advantages over its competitors. Among them:

  • zero fee;
  • limited emission – only 22 million coins;
  • open source code allows everybody to see this cryptocurrency is safe and secure;
  • choice of hashes for mining is absent;
  • high level of protection against potential theft from your wallet;
  • guarantee of complete anonymity to wallet owners;
  • stable exchange rate in relation to the US dollar

You can have a closer look at the new cryptocurrency at the EDRCoin webpage, where detailed info is provided in eight languages.